Colon Screening

What Is Colorectal Cancer?
Colorectal cancer is also known as colon cancer, is the second cancer killer and one of the most common cancer in Hong Kong. According to the statistics of Hospital Authority Hong Kong Cancer Registry in 2010, it show that the number of new cases per year are more than two thousand and the average age of patients are over 50 years, especially among males. Therefore, prevention and early detection is the key to control and treatment of colorectal cancer. If patients with colorectal cancer can be treated early, there are a high cure rate and survival rate. Colorectal cancer is formed by the growth of polyps in the small intestinal wall. These polyps are harmless at first, but after a few years, some polyps produce lesions and form cancer cells.

The higher the age, the greater the chance suffering from the disease, especially for people who aged over 50 years old.

  • If immediate family member has suffered from cancer, polyps or cancer disease groups (such as the lungs, intestines, stomach, ovary, thyroid or breast cancer), their families are more likely to suffer from this disease than ordinary people
  • High-fat low-fiber diet is the main cause of colorectal cancer
  • People who have experience of suffering from cancer, intestinal cancer, colon polyps, ulcerative colitis, breast or thyroid cancer, are more likely to suffer from this disease .than ordinary people

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Colon Screening