What is Prostate?

Prostate gland is located between the bladder neck and urethra a ring gland body. Prostatic secretion mixes with sperm and form semen. The male hormone testosterone secreted by the prostate will directly affect the growth and operation of Prostate. With the increase of age, the risk of prostate cancer also increases significantly. It is rare to see cases of prostate cancer before 40 years old while the number of cases increases rapidly after 50 years old. In fact, about 80% of the cases are from men over the age of 65.

Who are at high risk?

  • Elders aged 65 or above, the risk of prostate cancer increase, immediate family (father, brother or son) suffered from prostate cancer has relatively high chance of suffering from the cancer
  • High-fat diet or obesity will increase the risk of prostate cancer. Obesity increases the male hormone testosterone and accelerates the growth of prostate cancer cells indirectly
  • Testosterone stimulates prostate hyperplasia, therefore men with high testosterone index will be more likely to develop prostate cancer. Meanwhile, the doctor also considers acceptable for men
  • Patients who undergo hormone therapy and receive testosterone would provide nutrients for the prostate cancer cells to stimulate their growth faster. Receiving long-term testosterone therapy also increase the chance of prostatic hyperplasia

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Prostate Check Up