Diabetes is a major chronic endocrine disease in Hong Kong, ranked in the tenth most common fatal disease in Hong Kong, is a main reason for death. Inadequate secretion of insulin or the body cannot effectively use insulin could affect the regulation of blood sugar, so that blood sugar is too high. When the blood sugar exceeds the load of kidneys, blood sugar will be excreted in the urine, which is so called diabetes.

According to information from the Department of Health, the total number of patients hospitalized due to diabetes in 2010 is 24,200, while the number of deaths due to diabetes is 522. Diabetes-related deaths are mostly caused by a variety of complications, so the actual number of people died of diabetes is believed to be higher.

Types of Diabetes
Type 1 diabetes
  • Approximately 5-10% of patients belong to type 1 disbetes
  • Most of morbidity are in childhood and adolescents
  • Autoimmune diseases, only a little or no insulin secretion
  • Severe lack of insulin
  • More acute onset
Patients must inject insulin each day to stabilize blood sugar levels
Type 2 diabetes
  • The most common type, accounting for 90-95% of patients
  • Mostly found in middle-aged patients, especially those with a family history, obesity, poor diet or lack of exercise
  • Inadequate secretion of insulin or the body's ability to use insulin weakened
  • Morbidity is slower with less obvious symptoms. Some patients are not aware of it in the early sate
  • Less severe cases can lead a healthy lifestyle through practice, such as weight control, improved diet and regular exercise to stabilize blood sugar levels
Severe cases require more serious oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin injections
Gestational diabetes
  • Patients are diagnosed gestational diabetes during pregnancy hyperglycemia
  • Postpartum return to normal
Higher risk of future diabetes
Secondary diabetes
  • Diabetes induced from special couses (such as mumps, chronic pancreatitis go far or long-term steroids)

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