Pre-Employment Health Check -
Food Handler

Many organizations and groups would ask employees and applicants to go for health checks, ensuring that employees' physical condition comply with work requirements. In line with the needs of different industries, we have designed a number of pre-employment physical examination programs.

Employer Responsibility

The catering industry in Hong Kong has strict regulation on food safety and hygiene. Most large restaurants will require employees and applicants to undergo health checks to ensure that the health status of employees meet the job requirements and do not pose any danger to the customer.

Many people think that avoid eating in poor sanitation can reduce the risk of hepatitis A and food poisoning, but in fact even dining in some famous food shops in hotel still exists the crisis. For instance, food handler who is infected with hepatitis A or fecal parasites, parasites eggs or bacteria do not thoroughly wash their hands after using the toilet, they will spread hepatitis viruses, parasites or bacteria to food while handling the food. When customers eat the contaminated food, they will be prone to food poisoning and hepatitis A. Therefore, food handler's health must not be ignored; employers and employees should be required to take health check-up.

In addition to basic physical examination, pre-employment health checks for catering industry includes hepatitis A and stool examination. Stool routine test is the commonest test in stool examination, and most of the businesses will require employees for bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test, which can effectively detect whether employees’ stool has parasites, parasites eggs or bacteria, to provide maximum protection to customers.

How do employers ensure employees' health meet ocupation needs?
  • According to the requirement of the industry / work, new staff can be provided "pre-employment health check" before work.
  • If employers find employees are in discomfort or abnormal mental condition, they should require employees to suspend their work, and ask him / her to consult a doctor or a medical examination.
  • It is recommended that employees to undergo regular health checks, depending on individual circumstances, such as age, medical history, risk factors, individual lifestyle, family history, etc., and to take regular an appropriate treatment and receive consultation by doctors or health care worker.

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Pre-Employment Health Check

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