Pre-Employment Health Check -
Clerical Staff

Many organizations and groups would ask employees and applicants to go for health checks, ensuring that employees' physical condition comply with work requirements. In line with the needs of different industries, we have designed a number of pre-employment physical examination programs.

Employer Responsibility

  • Ensure that its employees’ physical condition comply with work requirements
  • Encourage employees to understand their own physical condition, in order to provide safe and secure service to customers and the public.

How to ensure the health of employees meet operational needs?
  • Provide ‘pre-employment health check’ for new staff based on the requirements of the industry / the nature of the work.
  • If an employer found the employee is in discomfort or abnormal mental condition at work, the employer should suspend his/her work and ask him/her to see a doctor or for medical examination.
  • Require employees to undergo regular health checks, in response to individual circumstances, such as age, medical history, risk factors, individual lifestyle, family history, etc., and they should take health check and receive consultation by a doctor.

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Pre-Employment Health Check

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